1) HDLab – FPGA Development Board

HDLab is a FPGA development board with a lot of features that specially designed for experimenting and learning digital system design with FPGAs.

This project is open source and Sample code for each part Is being completed.


  • Control & I/O:
    • 1x Camera Interface / Camera Module [CMOS-OV7670]
    • 1x IMU / 9 degrees of freedom IMU [MPU-9150]
    • 1x 4 digit seven segment displays
    • 4x General Purpose LEDs
    • 4x General Purpose Button (1x Reset Button)
    • 1x IR Interface
    • 1x Buzzer
    • 1x Crystal oscillator 50-Mhz
    • 1x SMA Connector for ADC
    • 32x GPIO (16x GPIO for Camera Module)
  • Interface:
    • 1 x USB Type-B / USB to Serial Converter [PL-2303]
    • 1 x VGA / 16-bit true color of RGB565 mode
    • 1 x PS2 / Standard PS2 Interface
    • 1 x JTAG 10PIN / JTAG Download Debug Interface
    • RS232
  • Convertor:
  • Other:

    • 1 x ON/OFF switch
    • 1 x LED to Show Power Connection
    • Operating Voltage 5-9V
    • Dimensions : 8cm x 14cm


  • Learning Digital Electronics
  • Educational tool for schools and universities
  • Robotics
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Signal Processing
  • Embedded systems
  • Image Processing
  • Product Prototyping

What other tools do you need?

  1. A text editor (for example Notepad++)
  2. Xilinx ISE Software (Download)
  3. USB JTAG Programmer for Xilinx FPGA


The HDLab project is an open source project licensed under MIT License. Please see the included LICENSE file for details.

Reference & Learn More

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